Looks like Freetrade might do crypto 👀

Interesting tweet that I can’t see has been picked up in news yet

I know a lot have been asking if T212 have plans, afaik they said yep its coming. Would be interesting to see if that’s still the case and timescale.

I’d personally rather they worked on ironing out the bugs, replacing Bloomberg, finding a better solution with IB. And adding premarket/after-hour and L2 and tape.

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I don’t like the word “soon” when it comes to Freetrade.


well yeah that :soon: could mean 2022 or sometime this decade :rofl:

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To be honest I think just having 2 apps, one for stocks and one for crypto would work well as risk of more issues of liquidity or restricted trading, bottlenecks etc.

I believe trading 212 will be looking at this. Market is fast paced and they’d be mad not to look at it given their reach and customers

They put out an advert for a Head of Crypto several months ago… people spotted it… it’s kinda old news now…

Interesting news. But old news.

Complete 180-reverse news. I remember in 2018 Freetrade said “we’re not doing crypto”. Same as they once said “AIM stocks are the wild west…we’re not doing them”

Now. SURPRISE! Market forces them too. Suspect a new VC round is in the making and the VC in question demands a crypto angle.