Love the IPO notifications!

Love the IPO notifications! Thank you


Hi, How do you enable the IPO notifications. Thanks.

You don’t have to, they’re just very rare

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Me Too, Just a bit slow to react to Lemonade IPO. But still did ok.
Give us more. please.

The IPO notifications are great! Would it be possible to get them a day in advance?


Is there a way to get IPO notifications outside of the app? The way that I get a price alert or transaction ping up if I’m not in the app at the time

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correct me if i’m wrong but i only got them when i got into the app. shouldn’t they just be like normal notifications that pop up even when the app’s closed. i felt like i missed out simply because i’m not on my phone 24/7. plus what about the web interface? nothing there too?! :frowning: