Talk about late

Just got this pop up on my app, talk about $35 dollars to late :joy:


I’m sure someone got rich today, not me I completely forgot it was today until I saw that popup right at the end of the day. Just felt like it was rubbing it in like ha you forgot this didn’t you too busy following GNUS weren’t you :cry:

But yeah it would be great if we got this alerts at the start of the day like 7-8am

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It didn’t go live until about $52 so you didn’t miss out on the full upside.

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Well I feel slightly better now. :smile:

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Haha I seen this as well was like oh okay… thanks for the heads up on money lost :joy: I’m too busy following GNUS just appointed a new ceo who ran L’Oréal so hopefully she can turn it round and a women ceo! I Think they should of had a women from start, women’s brand male ceo… are his eyes on the money or the women haha!

@revelcsi1iicidem Just to make things clear - we weren’t late, that’s just how IPOs work.

I know, I was just making a little joke should of stated it!

:wave: is it possible that when it’s known a stock will IPO that day that the overlay popup appears at the start of the day?

I saw it popup right at the end of the day after it had and all the init trading had happened. Would it possible to change so it pops up at 7 or 8am before the day starts?

That way it acts as a heads up, rather than a this happened today.


Guessing it would have to be on the platform in order to do that maybe?

But yes, if they are added before the market opens, then this would be handy. I didn’t receive that notification as late as you but it was a good while after the fun had started.

Fear not traders, if you are brave enough you can still make some money from LMND IPO. I would short the stock because it WILL fall to it’s original IPO price soon. If you look at the fundamentals, this company is years from making a profit. If you look at the history of IPOs you will notice a pattern of stocks rising initially and then falling off a cliff before going back up again as the dust settles