IPO Announcement

How would investors know IPO is announced and which IPOs will be available on Trading212? Do I need to check on the platform when bell rings or any forum for Trading 212 investors?

Check out IPOScoop.com. I’m sure you can probably set up alerts for it, most sites offer that on mobile devices.

Thanks for the reply, It still doesn’t answer my question. How can I get an alert on Trading 212 app. I can see IPOs list from NASDAQ site as well. I want to see in advance which IPOs will be offered by Trading 212.

Well in answer to that question, how would you know? You wouldn’t. Because the notifications don’t work that way, they notify you once the stock has gone live on the app and the reason that is is because 212 can only add the ticker once Interactive Broker have uploaded it to their platform, which is usually same day. So 212 can’t create notifications for stocks they don’t have yet.

An IPO calendar is in the works but no idea of the time line. In the meantime that website above has an IPO calendar you can use. And there are several others you can find via Google.

Maybe go into thinking all IPOs will be offered by 212 and they’ll be added on the day. At least that’s what 212 endeavours to do. So if you have that understanding, and know when the IPO is, is a notification required?

OK. thanks a lot for clarifying.