LSE-AIM SHARE BUYING (very difficult)

I have tried to buy shares on the LSE-AIM (Active Energy Group & AFC Energy) , but has not been possible yet again. This really is so so so deeply frustrating! What’s the problem? Is it better T212 don’t offer these shares as it can take days and can result in losses and missed gains for the T212 investor!

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Kinda agree. Looking at the Order Books for these stocks there is certainly a lot of action in the Auction - so you “should” get a result if you don’t limit order it.

But other brokers can and do route SETSqx stocks to market makers willing to make a price outside of auction times. You can see the Order Book does have sporadic single orders of small retail sizes. So someone (Freetrade, DeGiro etc.) are avoiding the pain of the SETSqx Auction for their clients.

I know t212 have said they ae making changes. So heres hoping.