LTC and NEE don't show any data for today. Bug?

I wanted to buy some shares today but there is no data for today for these two stocks. Could it be a bug?

Also, sorry if I posted this in the wrong section.

Any news here? I really wanted to buy some NEE today!

@wdavis Sorry, the issue was resolved in the last hour of trading.

Thanks @David. May I ask what the issue was? I’ve never seen it before.

LTC and NEE weren’t updating for me too. And CXW. This is not the first actually, I’ve seen at least 3 times for other stocks, it’s pretty random and will usually get fixed within hours.

What happened to the live chat by the way? I’m not convinced by the email response. @David

@Henry Live chat has been deactivated due to the covid situation as far as I know.