Stock screen bugged


I noticed this stock is not showing any price neither chart. It looks bugged or retained. Would appreciate some informations on this!

Thank you!

The platform has not received sufficient quotes. The company is pretty illiquid and has a really small market cap ($775.76K).

The order execution will not suffer though. The charts of the equity instruments on our platform have primarily indicative purpose.


Oh i understand, thank you sir i appreciate!

Rumen, one more thing please.

We are requesting a lot of stocks in the section ‘ETF&Stocks request’ but nobody answers for a couple of days now. Could you please help us?

Thank you!

Hey Rumen! Can i ask if ITCC’s situation is the same as with JKRO? Thank you @Rumen

Unfortunately, our execution intermediary cannot offer us access to this instrument. It has been removed from the platform completely.

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Hey @Rumen ! Yes i saw that ITCC has been removed. Sorry i didnt express me self correctly, i was asking if JKRO is in the same situation as ITCC?

I see that JKRO has the price and chart still covered, is there an illiquidity issue with them to? @Rumen thank you