Luckin Coffee: How further can it crash?

Just bought some Luckin Coffee at what appears to be a bargain at $6/share(for now). I am feeling like I having taken advantage enough but the thing now is, not knowing how deep the misconduct and fabrication has gone makes me exercise caution.

Hence, knowing what you know now, is any of you guys going all in on Luckin? What is your rational for your decision?

Well, how much further could it drop… to $0 is the answer. This is the event where we will see many weak companies fold, and the strong will come out stronger with increased market share.

I guess I will just keep watching until we find out more.

I’ve been kicking myself for time as I was on the sideline, watching when it went from $18 to Β£28 very quickly. In hindsight I feel sorry for those who bought at around the peak of $50.

In any case, I guess I will hang in for now and ride the storm.

I haven’t dig deep enough, but from quick brief. C-suit fabricated their revenue pumping numbers by 40%.

So this is pretty speculative buy :slight_smile: Gambling at best :stuck_out_tongue: