Luckin coffeeeeeee

Are we able to buy shares in luckin coffee or they been removed ?? I want to buy some it’s way undervalued the chairman going to get ousted out there gna make a come back

It is available on CFD, opens in 3 hours (from time of this posting). Whats your thoughts on them?

wanted on invest haha but they just got rid of chairman, had good revenue like 1.5 billion take away the fraud like 300 million still nice revenue plus, mk is like 700 mill and don’t think if they opened shops people wouldn’t go I’m bullish me haha but it is a gamble on everything going perfect

worth a cheeky punt on CFD as like you say, shops will reopen and the ordinary person buying there won’t have a notion about its internal works. I own a coffee shop myself and people just want their coffee not a story lol

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Yeah definitely haha and tell me about it, most wont know and if they do the year we’ve had Id just want a coffee as well haha!

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I don’t think cfds working or is that because market closed?

@David no possible way we can have access back to trading on invest? LUCKIN COFFEEE?

opens at 9am UK time mate so no trading until then but yeah, be sweet to see it back in invest so its not a liability

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Just a small question, you gents realise that stock price doesn’t go up because of revenue or whatever, it actually goes up when there is demand for stock purchase.

With market of thousand of various stock, with hundreds of comeback plays, you wanna bet on scamming/corrupt company? Just by CEO quitting rest of company is squeaky clean? :slight_smile:

Interesting :thinking:

A stock doesn’t move on revenue are you alright? How do you find the intrinsic value or the value of anything by working out how much it’s brings to the table, and stock demand? No one is going to buy a stock if there is no revenue seriously your portfolio must be terrible because all I see is you popping up commenting terrible stuff on people’s investment ideas. I WANT TO gamble on this stock because name me another stock out there with potential gains in such a short period of time? Other than wire card? The company isnt terrible the name luckin coffee still has respect we all know it is the chairman! Not the company or the companies fundamentals. If you was on way to work now and luckin coffee shop was open you wouldn’t buy a coffee there because of news? Why not ?

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So your basis for gamble is because company stock price was X, now it is X-80%, it must be good gamble opportunity?

each to their own and all that :slight_smile: if we want to take a punt with our money why not?

No are u watching reading or even aware of how stocks work lol? If a company comes out and says 75% of workforce is legit but chairman has found to be doing fraud… then when the fraudster has gone and it was done by vote, I’d be like hmm could be a good opportunity to jump in as now more than ever the company or people who have aspirations would want to bring the company back up. How do you work out how to buy a stock or not I’d love to know

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I guess 1 person can commit fraud without anyone in company being aware. Makes sense.

I surely don’t try to bet on fraudulent companies, that is one of first check marks. :slight_smile:

Cheers gents, enjoy the betting.

Your not Warren buffet mate we’re not gambling millions or billions away couple pound for some hundred max probably, your comments were just pointless mate

I don’t see the issue if you realise its a pump and dump, and essentially you are hoping others will pump it higher after you have bought in. The price isn’t really moving from what the company is doing or not doing. It’s not a great way to trade though, requires a lot of Luckin to win. It’s got zero going for it long term, medium term or even short term tbh, great if you want to try and take money off new retail traders.

It’s very easy to be caught out even if you are following the action with L2 like a hawk.

@Vedran you certainly do love winding people up. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha have to be very luckin and tbh I see it making a rebound not anytime soon for super gains but over next week or 2 if they continue to get good news. At the end of the day businesses don’t just close down like it’s a easy thing to do, there are loads of procedures and even solutions to closing businesses down like this in my eyes. I think they’ll recover don’t see why there just gna shut down all the shops then what, not like they don’t have no money no shops and no customer base haha

Haha he’s everywhere his profile bio correct at least, I love trolling myself but @Vedran your everywhere haha

I try to keep it civil you know :slight_smile:


Bit of healthy advice never hurt anyone, except maybe their pride.

Better that than no advice at all.

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