Mad spread on ETSY

Can’t be right, surely?

I should add it’s in ISA

I don’t think there are any shenanigans on ISA / Invest spread so it’s more than likely real and not T212’s fault.

sometimes large spreads (wouldn’t call this too large) happen, during November 9th with the vaccine news I was in the process of buying Sartorius and while deciding how much to purchase it crashed and the spread was around 10-30 euro’s on the stock (at the time it was trading from €370-330) for a couple of minutes so imagine.

.52 on a 155 stock is nothing though, why is that mad?

It’s .19 now. It’s not exactly a low-float/volume stock.

It’s .09 at this second. Looks like it’s usually around the .10-.20 spread from watching it for a few minutes.

Still .50 is not that large, I imagine it wasn’t for a huge amount of time :neutral_face:

No, it was like that for a fair few minutes I was watching it (obviously wasn’t watching the whole time). I got stopped-out and before I did I was watching the candle hovering well above the line, appearing to be in profit, but the numbers belied the illusion. I was hoping the spread would contract but alas - frustrating.

Frustrating but theres not too much to do other than having the stop loss a bit further out to give it room to breathe. I think based on your post it’s just this movement earlier today where it got a bit over bought.

In the wider view