Can someone explain me this ridiculous gap / SPREAD

Screenshot 2020-05-03 at 02.21.06

On a major drop like this, and I am getting a couple pounds out of it.
I am unable to find the spreads for CRYPTO30 on such event.

I am used to MT4 and MT5 - How can I see the spreads more easily, because now this big drop only gives me nothing than liabilities.

cant explain anything with just the portion you have screenshot.

there is 20 point gap all of a sudden, on such drop.
which now turned my 24 pound profit into a 4 pound.
As now, it went negative.

Ridiculous premiums and spreads

look. considering the size of the usual bars, that really isn’t that far out of the norm. if this is on crypto why are you really surprised about a sudden drop? that happens, frequently.

also, when I mentioned the screenshot not saying enough I didn’t mean it was too small.

what I meant is, we don’t know anything about what you are having “issues” with. and because we can’t see the bottom of the graph we don’t know the timestamp for when the drop happened.

also, before you get into complaining about spreads and premiums. none of what you see is determined by T212.

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