Max chart broken (shows flat line)

I thought someone was going to point this out.
All max charts are broken, they just show a flat line @Team212


It works for me. Try to update your app and / or force close and restart it.

It’s on the website not the app.

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Yep. Same.

20 characters.

same what? your charts broken? it works? you are on the app or the web platform?

if you post a full response you wouldn’t need to meet a character limit and others would understand what it is you are trying to say :man_facepalming:

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If a @Team212 staff would be made aware of this issue, I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard, nor take long to fix, I just don’t know how to raise this issue to their attention. I hope they come by this thread.

App works absolutely fine, it’s just the web that’s currently broken.


Same, as in its broken on the web - how about taking a quick look @Dao rather than this reply?

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that is your interpretation of what he said, but since he says nothing specific my reply holds more water :man_shrugging:

@Dao thanks for the clarification, useful.
Would be great to have this Web issue confirmed as something you guys know about and will look into to.
We put a lot of faith in this platform, backed by money often hard earned. Please don’t leave issues hanging, thanks.

@iss42 are you still getting the issue? I just checked my web platform and not getting the same problem and not getting it on ios app either - perhaps the team have fixed

@ryan9921 web working now for me, can close this one I think.

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Indeed, the glitch was visible only on the web platform and is now fixed. Thank you for bringing our attention to it. :pray: