Trading 212 now features the world’s most advanced charts - TradingView

We are excited to bring you a complete overhaul of our mobile charts. What did we improve, you ask? Everything! Simply put, we’ve integrated TradingView, the world’s most advanced charts, into your favourite Trading 212 app.


Let me tell you more about the actual improvements in functionality and the new features you will discover once you update your app.

The ‘preview’ chart

You can find it in the ‘Instrument details’ view. Some backstory - until now, the preview chart was functioning differently between CFD and Invest accounts. The CFD version was geared to serve the needs of active traders with features like data-point period selection, candlestick view, and the ability to scroll the time axis. On the other hand, the Invest version was great at enabling investors to get a quick short, mid, and long-term overview of the performance of an asset using the time-interval selection buttons (1D, 1W, 1M, 1Y, MAX). Both charts did their job well on their own, but this difference in functionality wasn’t contributing to a great user experience for people who often switch between their Invest and CFD accounts. That’s why we were determined to design a new, much better chart that combines the best of both worlds and brings a unified experience to both accounts. Here’s how you can tinker with it:

  1. Change the view type - both line and candlesticks are supported

  1. Use the quick time-selection tabs and lock in a time interval with a single tap


  1. Scroll - this is a big one! You can rarely find charts that support both time interval tabs and scrolling


  1. Change the data period - this allows you to specify the distance between two data points on the chart. When in candlestick mode, this is a single candle’s size (timewise)

Final-04-1 (1)

  1. Long press to select - this gives you more information about a point in time on the chart. When in candlestick mode, this gives you the candle’s Open, High, Low and Close values.


Fullscreen, a.k.a. Advanced chart

This will be very easy to explain - tap the full-screen button in the top left corner of your preview chart, and you’ll get the full-blown TradingView charting engine that we all know and love. It’s the most powerful charting tool you’ll ever find, and you can now access it via the best trading and investing app! :exploding_head:

As always, we can’t wait to hear your first impressions and feedback!

P.S. Yes, we will update the web charts too! We will take our time to do it right.


Great addition to the app :+1:


After hearing the moans and groans about the update and then finally getting it on iOS, I dont see what the fuss was about. Its a good addition to the platform :+1:

Now we just need a Desktop version refresh pretty please :pray: :grin:


Thanks! I like the new charts, and it saves me from having to flick between programs

No point giving us charts and then restricting us buying how much we want.


Thanks for this.

Does this new functions / feature support level 2 data? Or even level 1?

Well done guys! :star:
And for the volume too!

you know wat would help now, either a tutorial or a place that explains what everything means in what is provided. i consider myself a midway dude who know what an EMA is but doesn’t have a clue what a 3 EMA cross is. a handy reference or “infocard” would allow us to extract the best potential out of this new roll out, and i’d assume from your investment too :wink:

This is awesome! Can’t wait for when this is released for the web version!

Does this mean that we will also have access to PineScript and be able to code our own indicators withing Trading212? :smile:

Hi, I’ve just seen the update on the iPhone app and I would like to let you know 2 aspects. 1) the price is not moving when I put on full screen the chart on the app, while is moving correctly if saw just from the menu or by tapping once on the product (I am speaking for CFD). 2) I use the Polynomial regression channel indicator on your current platform web but I can’t find the same indicator on trading view. Would be great if u can put this indicator back on the trading view chart or give the customer option to choose between the old setup and the new Tradingview. I hope you can read this message

@H2T2 TradingView has a dedicated Help Centre on how to use the different technical indicators. You can check it here. Still, we’ll consider creating additional learning resources in our channels. :ok_hand:

@confid194 This feature is not integrated into our platform. However, we’ll let you know if we do include it. :pray:

@saxolum We have not experienced any similar issues with the charts. Therefore I have sent you a DM to take a closer look. Regarding your second question, the Polynomial Regression Channel Indicator is not one of the indicators that Trading View presents by default, hence it is not visible on the new charts. But we appreciate the feedback. We’ll look into alternatives to make such indicators available on our platform.


agree, and i know because i use tradingview anyways but this is more about making sure people don’t have to yo yo between 2 different websites. even creating links like these that lead to tradingview’s articles would cut down a lot of search time. this screenshot is from tradingview btw

on a separate note, while you are looking to make changes to the web version, just make sure you don’t break what already exists. the web version works just fine, if not amazing. would still be good to have ALL of trading view’s powers for freeeee :smiling_imp: :ghost:

can’t make up my mind!! :grimacing:


Would be amazing if you did!

After using this for the past month it’s a big step backwards. No Polynomial regression channels any more . Infuriating to use on a phone. Major disappointment.

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Awesome I have noticed love T212 always

How do I get the old charts back (if possible) as I’m not liking this new chart. It’s infuriating on IOS as it does not allow you to scroll through the chart without flinging it across the screen and making it difficult to assess price ranges from the past. I thought the idea of flipping the screen on its side to allow a more dynamic chart is good but to implement it to the overview tab is garbage.

First impressions, since you asked, I don’t like it.

Pretty complicated. And not overly intuitive with the long click thing to see prices. Particularly when the main portfolio graph doesn’t do that.

Not really seeing the benefits it brings yet but maybe it’ll just take time to get used to it.

Hum? The main portfolio graph does that, and the older version did it too! Only difference, the action is quite less smooth on the new graph when scrubbing through. :upside_down_face:

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The main portfolio graph you don’t need to long click to check the amount at any given time, you just scroll across it.

Doing the same thing on an individual stock moves the timelines back and forward. You need to long click to see the price at a given time.

There doesn’t seem to be an option to move the timeline for the main portfolio graph.

(At least on Android in the mobile app)

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