Maximum withdrawal amount for an invester in Trading 212

Hello Family ,
I will put all my life saving on Trading 212 (Investing account)
how much the maximum amount can be withdrawn after a few Months (more than 25k$)from trading 212?
have you any experience with this please ?

Thank you

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You can withdraw any amount.
Larger amounts take roughly 3 days to process and up to another 3 days to hit your bank.

No issues here.


Thank you :slight_smile: it will be nice if the investors will share their experiences with us :slight_smile:

I can just add if you want quick withdrawal, stay with 1 source of funding. The more you add , more AML and delays.


It’s a public forum so I doubt people will share their investment amounts.
But I can attest to there being no issues.

  1. You place a withdrawal request.
  2. The request gets imediately executed if it’s a small amount (couple of grand).
  3. If it’s a large amount, it changed to “under review”, which takes a few days - then gets sent to your original funding source - ie: bank.

Super simple.