Withdraw all money from account

Hi. I want to withdraw all the money on my account and receive it in my bank account asap. Normally trading 212 has been very good in the speed of withdrawing small sums (12-24h), but how long would it take to withdraw my whole account?
Is it better to try to withdraw smaller sums each time over several transactions or days?

i suggest you to go for smaller withdrawl as i withdraw £1000 last thursday but recieved only £100 today ,i dnt knw where the hell is my £900 for now, some say they pay in multiple transaction…

The most I’ve withdrawn was 750 and it took around 12h… but I’m looking to get over 60k

I’ve never had large sums sent in smaller amounts. I’ve just had one for 6k authorized but a separate larger amount hasn’t been authorized yet.

Thanks. And how long has it been since?

So, I put in a request for 6k withdrawal on Friday and I received an alert just before I replied to your post to say It had been authorized. Didn’t think they authorized on Sunday. The one for the larger amount hasn’t as of yet.

When I’ve had big amounts transferred out, it hit my account 2-3 days after authorization.