Max deposit/withdrawal amount

Hi there,

I’ve enjoyed using the app so far but I’m a little skeptical about depositing a significant amount (For me that’s 5000 euros). Has anyone had issues withdrawing a large amount from their account on trading 212? Appreciate the help, thanks!

I’ve not withdrawn $5k at one time, but I withdrew almost £3,000 in January and since then another £500 so £3,500 in total over 3 months and never had any issue with the money arriving.

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This is a heavily regulated financial with billions in AUM, making millions in profit every year and has done for nearly two decades. What exactly do you think they plan to do with your 5k? Run off?

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Haha, no that’s not what I meant. My question was whether larger amount take longer to be withdrawn. But thanks for letting me know :sweat_smile:

Takes three to five working days usually - most arrive much quicker.

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