Micro Cap Investing

Hello you very intelligent and amazing individuals that make up this forum. I truly hope you are doing well and keeping happy.

I was kindly looking into Micro Cap stocks that have a market capitalisation of between $50 million to $300 million. I look for stocks that have usually a high free cash flow production, with growing revenues. I please wondered if anyone has invested in or has any micro cap stocks on your watch list that you think could have excellent growth prospects please? If anyone could kindly help me with this i would be forever grateful and thankful for your support.

This would help me with my research into Micro Cap stocks and what the traits are for a company with good growth prospects. Sending you lots of good wishes and i truly wish you become massively successful with your investing. Hope you have a wonderful life and look after yourself. Take care.

It’s $500m and will need you to read the investor letters (which are amazing and very digestible) not showing profits because the company is reinvesting every cent from its group of highly profitable segments to grow and grow. It’s like a snowball which is getting bigger and bigger but not started to roll down a hill.

Each business has a natural moat and high margins but in boring areas (billboards and fibre)!

$BOC - my largest position by far and I’ve trawled through a lot of microcap and small cap.

My other which I’m just tracking is a spac soon to come public (not a huge spac fan) but $MRPA is taking Nuvini public which is a mini Latam $CSU or $ROP in business model… and damn that’s a good biz model and nice play on energing markets but down to execution a bit like $BOC and i need to understand management on this one… it’s new vs BOC which I’ve held for years and very comfortable with

Sounds like you have a decent set of criteria already, you just need to refine your search credentials / source.

  1. MCAP 50-100m
  2. High free cash flow (relative to mcap, so you will have a level).
  3. Growing revenues.

Sadly the ones I like are on the ASX segment of the LSE, so not available on IB/212.