Minimum Value for EQ Pending Orders

We have temporarily raised the minimum value for placing equity pending orders to 100 of the instrument’s currency. As an example, for a USD instrument, the minimum would be $100, while for a EUR instrument, it would be €100.

Market orders’ minimum requirements have not been adjusted.

Anyone else noticed this? Has there been any recent updates in regards to this? Market orders tend to get filled in at the shi**iest ask/bid available as opposed to the best (as it should be according to the rules&regs) so stay away from market orders. It was for AMGO and GDR to be specific.


Yep, I can see the same ‘issue’. But it seems it is not bug, but a ‘feature’, which helps to them to lose customer with less money.

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yeah what’s going on? can’t place a limit sell order under $100 for anything at the moment.

Hi David,
What is the reason for this?

Also, another note, why is the Buy/Sell Price so different… 10% difference. Specifically on $PHE.
Apologies if this has already been answered in the past.

Many Thanks.

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HI David,

Is there any specific reason for keeping this limit and how long will this limit be in place? Its a bit unfair on small time investors like me for who will not have 100 GBP to place orders neither do we have time to keep looking at the stock prices to place smaller value market orders.

Rather than risking 100 GBP in one stock i would like to spread it into 5 stocks. Thanks


Another week, another issue.

This time can we get a proper explanation as to why this is happening and for how long this will be disrupting small investors? @David @Tony.V


As far as I understand you can still make market order with smaller amounts only pending orders have been adjusted for some reason

what about existing pending limit sell orders. Will they be cancelled or filled?


You are spot on, Richer clients I guess.

Ahh another week, another kick in the plums for the small investors.


Not sure how you are allowed to change these limits without notice… affects all existing holdings below £100 that now can’t be sold via limit orders. Also affects stop loss positions…
Likewise no way to buy smaller lots below £100 via limit orders. Crazy


Yes an explanation would be helpful and needed, I did notice last week it would not allow me to place a pending order, keeps say you cannot place an order worth more than 95% of your balance and today, they raise the minimum. honestly very erratic.


I’d like to know this too. I’ve 2 AIM share purchases that haven’t moved for 3 days now!

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Wait I can’t sell my smaller holding either!? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: wise up!
This isn’t fair to us smaller accounts who have no choice but do small amount trades to maintain diversity to reduce risk!
Why have they even done this to us? I swear if its because their stock house and then want to back door stop people from buying GME wise up!


You can sell but only a market sell, which his a bit of a kick in the teeth from T212


Hi David, for how long will this be in effect?

£100 is a little outside of my range, I tend to average down


Still … I’m trying to bring down my avg on a share while it’s down and now with this limit they’ve as you said ‘kicked me in the teeth!’ Because I don’t have £100 to throw into it!

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I’d rather use other well-established platforms with fees for higher value orders which is what I believe most of us do anyway. Whole point of zero fees/commission was so that small-time investors can get started with investing in stock market…defeats the purpose imo. Hopefully, t212 is not turning into Robinhood v2 because the idea has been fab.


@Bbang Market orders don’t get filled at a price worse than the NBBO, saying otherwise is just outright false. Feel free to request proof of that in a separate topic and we’ll gladly provide screenshots from Bloomberg.