Why we had to set a higher minimum for pending orders

There are two critical reasons why we had to make these adjustments swiftly:

  • We’ve had numerous complaints from exchanges about the significant volume of small pending orders. This sometimes triggers red flags for various market manipulation tactics. We’ll be looking for a solution to filter only some of the pending orders but until then, there has to be a hard limit.

  • The huge number of small pending orders awaiting execution after 14:30 slows down the processing time of our execution intermediary. We are working with them to resolve the bottleneck.


I’m confused, so the minimum 1USD is no longer an option for buying any type of stocks?
I do not agree with this. The big sharks got scared by the small fishes?
In a few months/years the same will happen with the middle fishes, and then what?
Minimum pending order is going to be raised to 10k?

From the way I see it, 100M small fishes invested 1USD in one meme stock.
And they scared 10 big sharks, who were shorting by 10M USD each.
If any trading platform is raising the bar 100x, they will probably loose 90% of users.
But the remaining 10% is going to have leverage 100x bigger.
What happens if those remaining 10% are going to get pissed off?


Thank you for the update! Makes sense to me.


It’s a case of a hundred £1 orders is much more difficult to process than one order of a £100. Or whatever currency you like. So this probably is a reason why 212 can sometimes be slow executing, unlike the other brokers who can charge as much as £12 per transaction. You wouldn’t trade £1 if you had to pay £12 per transaction. This probably lowers 212 priority with the exchanges and lowers their execution standards. In my opinion.


I understand your point, but then t212 is loosing the main selling point, 1 without fees.
I kind of agree that 1 is too low, but 100 is also too high.


I agree with you. There should be a balance.


What about this suggestion: Allow 1-3 single limit order below 100EUR per customer?


@David @Team212 This is nonsense and deliberately punishes UK investors…£100 and 100CHF is not the same thing!!! We all know that investors are more likely to invest in companies of their residence…not a level playing field truth be told!!!


You need to ditch IB and use someone else. Totally ridiculous putting these kind of limits on your customers and I can see many jumping ship if it continues.


So basically retail investors are being restricted from buying again! I get that it’s not your fault but if a stock is in the public eye people will buy it, this has been happening for years! Take the media pushing out vaccine names on the news, it’s no different to people doing their due diligence online in forums, but for some reason the powers that be don’t like that it’s happening and the fact that they no longer have control over market flows, after years of doing it themselves! Something got to give here otherwise we will just be going round in circles with market restrictions being placed every day, also by restrictioning people to buy more of a given stock are you not forcing people to buy into it even more? Could end up backfiring with this strategy? I just don’t see the current business model being sustainable and I think it’s inevitable that that the free part of trading platforms will become a thing of the past


Thank you for the update.

This should have been issued at the same time as implementation.


This is extremely sad, one of the main attractive aspects of Trading212 is how the barrier to entry for investors with low capital has been lowered. A minimum of 100 for pending orders is basically saying small investors should not share in the same strategic privilege’s as those with more capital., very disappointing. A fair amount may have been 10 Euros/Pounds, not 100. The next thing you will be limiting fractional shares or how many shares people can buy or sell or requiring a minimum amount to be spent for market orders… Its sad to see you guys slowly become just like every other broker out there.


See, this was a better explanation from the previous post.

Have a good day!

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Any other company as good has IB and T212?

Why not implement instead a limit on the number of Limit Orders that can be placed per stock at any one time.

For example: unlimited market orders but just 2 limit orders only per stock.

This is exactly what another free trading competitor does to not name any names… this will relieve the bottleneck somewhat.

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Anyway guys, best thing to do is just set a Price Alert and then enter a market order when the alert is triggered. Let us enjoy it while it last ,pretty sure in 6 months there will be a 10 USD minimum for market orders.


The problem with price alert is that stock price fluctuates very quickly and what if your not around your computer to execute the order…apart from that, whose got the time for manually clicking…


We’ll try to implement a more elegant/less restrictive solution.


I’ll be moving all my investments/money to another platform after this.
It’s disgraceful how unreliable it is at times when reliability/consistency is paramount.
Coming across as a bunch of amateurs here.