Miss CHPT, BLNK ? What about EVgo?

If you missed CHPT, BLNK, .EVgo might be the next. Yesterday alone up +34.57% on this news and Infrastructure bill.

The State of Pennsylvania is not goin to give a grant / funding for a bogus company like NKLA. .

I already have position in Evgo which I have keep DCA since a while ago. Now it seems turn to be a good decision, let see. Please do you own DD if you decide to invest in any assets.

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Another Catalyst for EVgo Partnership with “Uber” & GM and beat earning on the top of that. The stock up almost 100% within a week.

If you’re investing then fair enough, but if you’re trading this I’d be careful.

Looking at the Weekly chart, it’s untenable. Last time it ran up like this in a week it was all given back within the next six.

RSI on the Daily is at 92, excrutiatingly overbought.

Like I say if you’re trading, might be time to take some profits .



Boost for EV Charging station

EV Charging Station Stocks CHPT, EVGO, BLNK, WBX Just Got a Major Catalyst. Eddie Pan InvestorPlace Feb 10, 2022.