Stocks to play with today

Am in 10 days of covid isolation starting today. With a few earnings coming up this week I’m thinking of (Taylor Wimpey, already put a small amount in Autotrader, thinking about my current BP holding to free up some cash) and wondering what else to have a play around with, if anything. Not sure if auto trader and Taylor upcoming earnings are already baked into price.

Any other ideas worth looking at?

Any blockchain company, Peloton after the SP crash a few days ago, and possibly Beyond Meat.

You can check when earnings of USA-listed stocks come out on here:

What is a good website for european stocks?

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Thanks for this, I’d also be interested in a upcoming earnings list for UK stocks if anyone has one

Beyond meat was def on my radar. I’ll take another look.

I’ve not looked into it properly and probably more of a long term play. I’m a bit annoyed when it dropped nearer $90 as I think the price drop is an over reaction, although $150ish is also too high

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EV charging station after the catalyst ??

Congress passes $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, delivering…

Congress has passed a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, delivering on a major pillar of President Joe Biden’s domestic agenda after months of internal deliberations and painstaking divisions among Democrats.

EVGO is double whammy

EVgo Inc. (NASDAQ: EVGO), the nation’s largest public fast charging network for electric vehicles (EVs) and first powered by 100% renewable electricity

The State of Pennsylvania is not going to give a grant / funding for a bogus company like NKLA. .

For transparency, I already have position in Evgo, CHPT which I have kept DCA since a while ago. Now it seems turn to be a good decision, let see. Please do you own DD if you decide to invest in any assets.

Yes, although I mainly trade in LSE tbh

I’d keep an eye on peloton as the outlook wasn’t great at all

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Are you looking to trade you mean or just to look into with your extra time and invest medium-long term? Taylor Wimpey is a trading update (tomorrow) rather than full blown earnings but it could move depending on what is mentioned. I have relatively short term position in Taylor Wimpey, which would look for 170-180 to possibly exit, but may do it earlier if any big movements down in some of my holdings I am looking to increase.

I would personally say BP is still undervalued even with its run up in recent months from 300p to 350p. I will probably look to trim or take profit when over at least 400p or if any AMAZING deals come and really need cash to buy them (as BP is about 19% of portfolio right now).

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Seems Palantir likes to bounce between $23 and $28, currently back down at $23.


As a holder; I can back this up :joy:

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Am holding off any stock play until Evergrande makes today’s due payment.

Thanks for this.

I was thinking of buying Taylor based on today’s update as well but chose not to. Have made a bundle on the auto trader results though.

I primarily invest on the LSE. Where do you go to view upcoming Q/trading results?

Decided to trim BP but hold for the medium/long term.

Yeah I think Taylor WImpey is a buy under 150p, but in the 150-160 range less so. I picked up a bit extra when it was day before going ex dividend and was under 150p. Its a fairly stable stock within its main range of 140-180, as it will unlikely get above 200p as that usually means their NAV has got higher but they then would pay out special dividends which reduces NAV back down again.

Earnings wise for UK companies its just their investor relations webpages, for US I will go to SEC filings and read 10-Q / 10-K. A good app is Quartr as well, can listen to many earnings calls like a podcast and view the results pdf.

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Brilliant thanks for the tip. What do you think of the following upcoming which I have my eye on:

Royal Mail and premier foods (bullish) next Tuesday
Experian next Thursday
Moonpig - 12th December interim

Planning on selling auto trader as a price correction seems inevitable to me at some point. And I’ve made a tidy profit.

Also, TW has been on my radar. Wondering if I missed the property boat though tbh. I know persimmon have an update coming up and they seem to be a company people rave about. Think ill leave TW for now. And a 180 exit seems sensible with them given their history IMO.

I have no idea about those companies, none are particularly within my circle of competence or that I have been following.

Property is very cyclical, my plan with TW (small holding, about 2% of portfolio currently) is to put the proceeds when I sell out of it into increasing either BBOX (Tritax Big Box REIT) or if its not at an attractive price then maybe BOMN/NNI which are US holding companies I am building positions in. Equally if you buy 140-150p and just hold you will probably average 10% in dividend a year once special div is reinstated.

I have BBOX bought last year December, what would you consider a good price to add more?

I’ve had my eye on BBOX for a while. It is still on my radar. More of a medium to long term hold for me. Am currently selling in the short for some extra cash and a bit of fun. Time on my hands this week.

I personally think that its current price is fair. P/E is around 8-9. It dropped to 207 in OCT and I’m wondering if I should have bought then. If I held some currently I may add more given current price. Just my opinion though!