Mitchells & Butlers Share Offer

Any news when the people that accepted the share offer will be allocated their additional shares?

12th March after 08:00 AM GMT.

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I also took up the offer. I assume it might take a few days before we see them appear in our account like it did with the IAG rights issue.

Well, it’s the 15th and still no shares! :slight_smile:

As much as I love a Toby Carvery, I just cant see much growth left in this SP for where its currently sitting at?

That said, if you got in at 210p which I think their accelerated book build was at, that’s a reasonable starting point.

I agree. I got in at 183p with 1000 shares, I took the offer of another 388 that I was entitled to with this cash generating share issue (that is not a rights issue as that would have taken too long :roll_eyes:). Still waiting on the new shares to hit my account but I expected it to take upto a week after the release.

I will hold for another few quaters to catch the post covid reopening boom, I for one can not wait to go to Miller and Carter with some friends. However there is some series concerns about the coporate governence now, with a consortium of shareholders owning the majority of shares and effectivly having full control. They should really take it private to be fair to the other shareholders. Their AGM will be interesting this month.

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I assume we will get them within the week. It took a week with the BA share issue.