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Hey folks, how’s everybody doing?

My name is Simone, I’m Italian and a FinTech consultant for a pretty big firm in Europe.

I’m really fascinated by this new world of the Metaverse, but being completely honest… I’m sure it will bring some challenges.

Along with facilitating the working-from-home endeavors or helping people with disabilities in embracing a new kind of VR reality to fill the mental gap caused by a physical blocker, I’m afraid we’ll be in need to be also much more in control of our time, considering the ease in getting lost through such visuals and virtual scenarios.

With my piece of mind written down, let’s reiterate that business has no feelings or… doesn’t care about mines, at least.

I’ve identified the stocks which are the most impactful in the Metaverse environment, whether because of the technology they offer or because of a larger spectrum of utilization in the background, either current or future, that supports a VR environment and/or approach on a daily basis/business.

You can find the chart at the following link:

We’re talking about:

1. Microsoft - 12%
2. Meta - 12%
3. Nvidia - 12%
4. Unity Software - 10%
5. Qualcomm - 7%
6. Micron Technology - 7%
7. Fastly - 7%
8. Cloudflare - 7%
9. Match Group - 7%
10. Autodesk - 7%
11. Roblox - 7%
12. Apple - 5%


Please let me know if you have any thoughts and, if you’re going to copy it, please make sure to use the link provided above.
I’d be really happy to see if we’re aligned and, on a long run, get a few bucks all together.

Wish you the very best,

In my opinion the meta verse in all its current form is nonsense. It’s mainly used to scam gullible people like earth2 does.

Strapping a vr goggle on your head insnt the solution.

Anything remotely resembling a matrix or ready player one level of immersion will only be possible with direct connection to the brain like a later version of Neuralink.

None of the listed companies have that technology, its all purely marketing.

Hi @MaxZorin, thank you for sharing your feedback.
I agree with you when you say that this is still in a very early stage, 100%.

On the other hand, would you agree with me that we’re currently seeing the fundaments of a bigger picture actually put into place?
I believe that, regardless of the evolution of all the VR systems, these companies will be leading the conversations and the directions of these projects.

Certainly now it’s comparable to what you have seen with Habbo back in the early 2000, but I believe we need to start somewhere, right?
There’s plenty of room for these tech leaders to keep investing in this technology although, as you’ve said, there will be more and more players in the future that are going to embrace and, hopefully, turn this technology into a neural entertainment solution.

Just my 2 cents :slight_smile: thank you again for your contribution and have a good weekend ahead.

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