MMTLP to Nextbridge - what’s gonna happen?

What is going to happen with the spin-off from MMTLP to Nextbridge hydrocarbons which I believe will be a private company?

Anyone got any idea or someone from Trading212???

There’s no official confirmation about such an event. We’re monitoring the situation regarding a potential spin-off, and I’ll let you know once I have updates.

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Any update on this? With MMTLP moving to 7.50 and beyond it would be great if we knew what will happen to our preferred shares when it moves to Nextbridge on Trading212

Anymore news on this now the S1 is out and effective ?? @Bogi.H

There aren’t any updates, @robmo, but as soon as I have any news, I’ll share them in the thread.

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META approve spinoff

Says for us holders to contact and instruct our broker to transfer the shares of the series A preferred stock shares to Metas transfer agent on or prior to the record date …

Please can you confirm all of the above & correct steps ??

Thank you


Following this thanks for posting. Currently holding shares also.


@Bogi.H any news ?? Or anyone from Trading212??

The latest update is that Meta Materials, Inc. board has approved the spin-off of Next Bridge Hydrocarbons, Inc. They are still waiting for regulatory approval, meaning the spin-off is pending.


Hi Bogi, I believe this has had regulatory approval now and I’ve recently received this


@Bogi.H I believe the top right circled in yellow shows the approval


@Bogi.H any news ?? There is a lot of confirmed information out there so surely Trading212 or IBKR should know what’s happening by now??

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@Bogi.H Would also like to know as I’m in this as well what the next update is in regards to MMTLP

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@admins @Bogi.H can we get a response please??

Another question for Trading212 which has been raised is why we are restricted in setting a higher sell limit ?? Can this be fixed to allow a higher sell limit price??

We are expecting further updates from our intermediary. Once we have more information, we’ll definitely let you know.

@robmo Regarding your second question, the maximum distance for placing a limit order with MMTLP is already 100% of its price, so we’ll not be increasing it for the time being.

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@Michael.M Hi Michael, with other brokers and IBKR you can set higher sell limits and surely it should be down to myself to choose what I would like to sell my shares at no matter how unrealistic?? 100% with the way some of these stocks move is actually a severe constraint on our trading .

MMTLP has moved 600% in 3 months so 100% is too restrictive


FINRA have just posted and passed the 12th as record date and 14th as NB shares recived. So 212 and IBKR need to get talking quick as friday 8th is crunch time.


Agreed UK shareholders need an update from T212 now FINRA have approved & corporate notices will be out today/ tomorrow. What will happen if we hold MMTLP and can we increase sell limits? When would we have to sell by? Is there no way to get Next Bridge shares from a UK perspective?


So what is 212s play here…?
.1Lets us sell out before closeing bell on the 12th.
2. Force sell for us with holders having no control over when or price?
3. Sell shars direct to the short holders for kick backs?
4. Allow us to hold NB shares untill the compmay is sold?
5. Sell before close of bell on 8th?

These are the only options 212 has… So @Michael.M can you guys decide which one of the 5 it will be. Then communicate this with us asap. As these are the only options you have. Make a big diffrence to holders and huge differences in prices achieved for holders.

Thanks :blush: