MMTLP Stop Limit too low

Getting “The entered price is too far from current market price” when trying to put 500 in - this could well have a sudden run into the 100s as it is going private. I don’t want to have to sit watching it all the time or miss out.

Can I override this check somehow?

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For the time being, we won’t be increasing the distance for MMTLP, as it is already 100% of its price. However, I’ll let you know if anything changes.

I see, thanks. I guess I just have to sit and watch it for the net 2 weeks :smiley:

100% of its price but it’s moved 600% in the last few months?!?

Don’t believe the restrictions you have set are fair or justified.

Please can this be escalated to be looked into as we should be allowed to set our own sell
Limit price.

Fidelity allows ±50%.
100% is quite fair. Also Euronext Amsterdam is going to delete limits order on the book too far from current price.

Robinhood allowing holders to place limit sell price of $5000 , now I wouldn’t really want that high but a few hundred maybe

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Is this like when GameStop went to a million dollars?

Not quite, only takes a little time to work out that it’s minimum $30 just based on the assets being sold.

Just had a look and two thirds of their assets are goodwill. Who’s paying for that? (Spoiler you did!)

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Well it is Xmas, plenty of goodwill to go around. :grin:


Is there an update on this please? We are nearing the date that this will cease trading.

Not at the moment, I’m afraid @Rhyssse. I’ll make sure to update the thread if there is.

Curious to understand why that limit exists?

It prevents the market from being flooded with pending orders outside of normal parameters. I’ve gone into more detail on the same subject here.


Would be good to be more in line with other platforms though, if a limit must be applied.

It looks like going private doesn’t mean trading in the 100s apparently :person_shrugging:

Oh but the shorts? Wonder who’s fault this is!

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Didn’t get chance to find out to be fair, trading closed early and short shares still on loan so the buying back which could have pushed it up didn’t get to happen. A bit questionable on the old “do the rules even matter?” front if unlimited shorts can be taken out and not have to be dealt with to close.

You see the buying back from the shorts; but you seem to entirely put to the side the selling from everybody who doesn’t want to hold noj tradable shares. Which is the vast majority of the shareholders.

Majority weren’t able to sell, it got halted till deletion. I was going to keep some in but sell the majority.