NKLA, what to do?

So, I can guess some of the people that may pop up on this.

I have a small position in NKLA (maybe fortunately). After doing some more research into the allegations and how they have no been particularly refuted, I am wondering what other people’s views are?

I am leaning to selling up as I believe this May tank.

I sold the other day after the announcement with GM, I had 100 shares, made a very nice profit. I won’t be getting back in any time soon.

I decided to sell my shares on Friday, I’ll probably buy back in at a later stage depending on how things go

Planning to swing if it goes into the 20s. Milton plays the game well, he’ll do all he can to find a new catalyst. But I won’t touch this long until a product materialises. End of the day the GM partnership is real.


Luckily I was in at around 30 so if something does happen the loses won’t be catastrophic.

The timing is extremely odd, the devil in me thought the report was collated as a big short could be going badly post GM deal. However there was a significant amount of detail in the report. Like any of these thing, maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle?

I don’t hold a position currently so I’m :popcorn: and watching it burn.

If the $29 fails to support, back to $20.

Even with a share price of $5 it’s market cap would be $2 billion which is lot for a business that basically sells T-shirts atm.

If it turns out those things are true like the “working” trucks were simply filmed rolling down a hill then I’d imagine they are in the shit.

I can see it being turned into a film at this point.


Avoiding NKLA like the plague. If I held shares in them, I’d sell them all first thing Monday morning

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It depends, what price did you pay for them? I sold 75% of my holdings the last week. I would actually think is a little bit risky to bet to much money in this company when they don’t even have any car/truck at all… but who knows? maybe I’m wrong.

I can’t make my mind up either. A lot of the fraud allegations are coming from short-sellers so there is a credibility issue to them. The lack of working products is concerning but they Milton says they won’t release too much info because their competitors are likely to steal their ideas. I can see the logic in this.

I saw a Youtube video of the truck in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LSrvRMgIqw
It looks good from a demo perspective, but as you can see from the comment, there is a lot of doubt in whether they have a truly workable final product. GM can help lead the way, but I want to see more before I can see a decent ROIC.

What is your strategy? Are you a Trader or an Investor? Do you need the money now or next week? Or do you need it in 5-10 years? What is your risk level? Do you like to keep it safe or live on the edge o bit? Before making a decision there are so many questions you should ask besides just looking at the momentum of the stock

This is a company that has innovated and will do so again in the future. It is one of the few that does Hydrogen Fuel Cells not just Lithium Batteries. Therefore if you are an investor that believes in this company than wait for 2-3 years and see what happens. The VE industry is just now starting and in 2030 you will look back and say I wish I had bought some stock. Just like now we look back and think it would have been so cool to have bought Amazon, Apple, Google,
Microsoft in 1990-2000 and keep them until now

On another note keep in mind that the US will not go down without a fight and will not be ok with having just Tesla in their corner while China has 10 companies. They will start giving both Tesla and Nikola + GM and maybe others a lot of incentives to help them grow and keep up with China.

Also keen in mind that this is a company that has 10 billion of backlog orders. So when it does start production it will move very fast and enter the market at a strong pace

This was my two cents on this. I have some money that I am not using now and have bought shares in some of the EV companies and plan to keep them for a couple of years. Some might not do well and will have to sell them and maybe even take a loss (but with the momentum of these share I doubt they will ever go below £15). But if 1 or 2 do well then buying something now at £20-30 and keeping it until they are £2000 sounds like a good plan to me :wink:

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Sold the whole position at $45ish shortly before it hit $90 . . . I still made some profit from it but I am staying away until there is a REAL Physical product produced, checked and 100% in work order - and most of all to be possible to sell it so they have a Real Revenue to show in there books.

Looks like a new meme on ST has started from that hindenburg report :rofl:


That is fantastic :joy::joy::joy:

@Vedran your help is needed here :truck:


Buy the dip! Next time this year we be Billionaires. Oh wait…


There’s a lot of comparison to Theranos lately. :grimacing:

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Nikola response below.

Some good response, some very ambiguous responses.


Edit: I was so tempted to play the bounce, didn’t and of course that would have been a quick 8% profit. Anyway back down it goes.


I doesn’t really make to much sense other than just investing in a graph. I wasn’t happy with a lot of the responses personally. Some did make sense though.

From their response:

“Nikola never stated its truck was driving under its own propulsion in the video” LOL