Modify position

Hi just wondering how the “modify position” works, for example if I buy 50 and the market starts to reverse i can simply modify the position to sell? Without any financial penalty? Still trying to figure everything out

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I assume this is in the CFD platform?
Modifying a position would just be making buy or sell to that position as normal, but it adjusts that position instead of creating a new one.

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Hi yes it’s CFD so you can modify position if and when you choose without and financial penalty? Also if your position was in profit and you modified it, would that profit be added to your funds after the modification?


if by penalty you mean fees, T212 doesn’t charge fees to buy or sell positions.

treat modification as you would a buy/sell, if you are in profit, you will take profit the portion you are adjusting down unless you are increasing the scale of the position in which case the profits remain unrealised.

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