Understanding Positions

Hi. I’m sure this question has been asked before- I’m completely new to trading 212 and it’s my first time investing. I’m struggling to get my head around the positions and what’s meant with buy and sell. Any help would be great. Thanks

are you in Invest or CFD? As a beginner I would suggest to use Invest platform. It is pretty much straightforward: buy means to purchase the stock (you choose the amount of shares you want to purchase), then you can either buy through a market order, which will be triggered whatever the price of the stock is, or you can set a limit order, which you define the maximum value you are willing to pay per share. I suggest to read more about this, so you don’t lose money. And selll, well, means to sell :slight_smile: O haven’t sold any yet, but I have seen in some other posts that are reall tiny fees, not from T212 side though. Not sure if the same applies for other markets (I saw that related to the USA). Besides that, the current value you see in the app is the buy price, the sell price is lower, so don’t get confused. You can see sell price underneath the graph of the stocks you hold.

Regarding selling fee:

@Conarb please go to Trading212’s youtube channel and watch all the tutorial videos that apply to what you plan to do in the market. not only will this familiarise yourself with the terminology, it will also help you navigate the platform and make informed decisions.

Thanks for your help- I jumped straight into CFD not really knowing what I was doing :grimacing: it’s hard to find any explanation on positions etc, so far I’ve done okay and not made a loss (fingers crossed it stays that way) is just like abit more info on what I’m doing- I understand setting triggers for prices to buy and sell and majority of it I’m okay with I just want to why it’s telling me buy on positions I’ve already bought!! I think I may have worked it out though as I’m writing this!!

Because it’s a ‘buy’ position meaning you are betting the price is going up. Instead of ‘sell’ which would mean you are betting the price goes down.

Brilliant. So when you buy and price increases you close the position to claim any money made? And the same as sell? This is really Helpful so thank you!!

there is a gap between the two called the spread which you must look out for before closing a position. the price must move past this difference before you start to make any positive returns.

The price it’ll have to be above is the price you’ve paid?