Monday 9th Outage

During Mondays outage 212 even while having the front end up and down, i managed to execute and have one of my orders accepted. I couldn’t then get back in to the system to sell until the market had movedn and I was very much down, now left bag holding. Anyone else end up in a simmilar situation?

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That was difficult to read @dragonphantom but I got the gist of it.

My issue was getting into the market but I feel for anyone left in a losing position such as yourself - it must’ve been very stressful.

I would like to know what happened and what steps have been taken by T212 to avoid it happening it again.

One day there will be a major crash and a repeat of those events will have devastating consequences for people who can’t act to protect themselves.

Hi @MikeC appologsies I wrote in haste this morning and have editted accordingly.

I cant say I got much help, except being pointed to terms and conditions whereby absolving all responsibility on their part.

"6.4. You hereby agree and acknowledge that in the event of downtime of the Trading Platform You shall waive any claims against Trading 212 of missed profits and/or claims that You would have executed an order on a specific price during the downtime. You acknowledge that sometimes there may be technical issues or faults with the Trading Platform.

All I have been told is :
“The downtime experienced didn’t affect in any way your investments or the execution of your orders (such as, but not limited to Stop loss or take profit), but only the faculty to access the platform. Moreover, it’s important to stress the fact that this event was caused by a third-party protection service that didn’t work properly to repel the DDoS attack”

I think as many have stated in past situations if they informed everyone there was an outage I would not have even attempted to trade.

They should also have not accepted my order in a situation where I could not take any subsequent action on the position.

Interestingly it doesn’t seem like this is the first time this has happened.

Well, 2 points there:

1: unless I’m missing something the ability to take profit was clearly affected;

2: the issue on Monday 9th was separate to the DDOS attack experienced the week before.

I thought the same so thought I would see if anyone ended up in a simmilar position to me.