Possible service disruption

Due to an unprecedented increase in demand, service disruption might be experienced with the start of the US market session today. Further updates will be uploaded in this thread & also in the following link.

Edit: The markets are currently exceptionally volatile, which could impact your trading experience in different ways - for more details, please see the link below:

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Oh no, not today, jeez.

Is there any roadmap you can give us as to what, when and/or how this is being resolved along the chain?

(I’ll be in the corner whistling ‘Wishful Thinking’ in the meantime)


good that you let us know that there’s a heightened risk of disruptions, clearly an improvement in communication from the team in comparison to earlier. Way to go!


Yes but we need to know what steps are being taken to increase capacity and resilience. With volatility in the markets we need a reliable broker. What reassurance can T212 give?


I hope we are ready for the market open and won’t have any server issues as markets are voltile at the moment!

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This isn’t just a now problem, it’s been terrible for months now how has it not been fixed or made marginally better by this point?

We would be fine if it wasn’t an almost everyday occurrence, we can understand sometimes but come on


I guess not. i made this before market open

What the hell. I planned to sell during the open and the whole 212 web app and mobile app is down. How is this acceptable? I’m losing money every minute its unavailable.


none of the prices are updating!

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prices are not updating, stuck to yesterdays price


Looks like normal occurrence as Trading212 is down again.


Absolutely pathetic. I’ve just lost over 1k from this.




Come on!! You gotta be kidding me


Can you please one time be ready, for something?!
it seems you can’t stop falling on every opportunity

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They’re using the crap excuse that it’s ONLY today because of extreme demand. IT’S EVERY DAY -_-


The hell. i cant see my money what has happened. 212 please fix this now


The losses are processed and shown while gains are not shown at all. That’s f**king awful to be honest guys.


it’s been more than 8 mins since its down, what the hell mate