Moneyhub connection issues

I use Moneyhub and when trying to connect to T212 through the app/desktop I am prewarned by Moneyhub that “T212 are experiencing temporary connectivity issues. You can try connecting but the process may not be successful.”

I have tried connecting and it is unsuccessful, I get as far as providing logon credentials and then the Authenticator code (MFA) but then I get an error to say I have the wrong credentials, which I don’t.

Can someone provide an update please?

Many thanks.

Hi jrh, I also started using it recently after reading this post:

I spoke with money hubs help - they’re looking into it. I get the same.

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Off topic but…

I read the same post/thread, hence looking into Moneyhub. Seems perfect for what I needed, and the price post free period isn’t too horrific either. Now if only they could get connection to NEST Pensions and Virgin Money Mortgages sorted out.


Had talk with team about NEST as well and I hope they’ll add it at some point.


And NHS Pensions…


I half suspect, if enough people add ‘manual NEST’ accounts, and everything else, they will hopefully get to adding them all.

I’ve manually added 212 and a few others, and it automatically updates the logo’s so they seem to know what’s out there.

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Anyone knows of a similar app that connects to t212 and is available outside the uk?