Truelayer Data Export

As an EMMA finance user, it would be great if trading212 would finally use the Truelayer feature to allow external sources to read balances and deposit/withdrawal information. It would be one of the few trading platforms to do so and allows for better tracking of spending and more likely me putting more money into my account as I can see it more often.

This feels way overdue and could be very simple as it’s built into the truelayer platform already.

MoneyHub works with 212 :upside_down_face:

Thank you, i’ll have a look at money hub, do you know if this is an exclusive partnership of is open source by trading212.

I believe money hub built the interface to pull in 212 data.

Does that mean that you can import data easily from several brokers? Or only T212?

It uses a combination of open banking and screen scraping. I use it to amalgamate all my accounts to monitor net wealth and spending patterns.

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