Monthly Dividend Paying Stocks

Anybody knows any Monthly dividend paying stocks or ETFs available on the platform?

Happy new year!

These are the ones I’ve found so far.


Thank you and happy new year 2020!

Most Real Estate Investment Trusts like O and AGNC will pay their dividends monthly. Bonds will also have monthly distributions.

However I really wouldn’t go about picking stocks based on whether they pay a monthly dividend. I get it, it’s nice to have a constant stream. But you can achieve this with a well diversified portfolio. Especially if you are targeting dividends aristocrats (companies that consistantly increase their dividend for 25+ years). This way year over year, without reinvesting, your dividends will increase consistantly. Some months will pay more than others, but just budget correctly and it shouldn’t matter.


Absolutely, I couldn’t agree more to this. However, it’s good to keep some monthly dividend paying stocks in our watchlists in case there was a big discount or an event that made that stock more attractive to take a position. Your dividend portfolio long term plan sounds very reasonable by the way!

Thank you and happy new year!

When it comes to monthly dividend paying stocks could we ask for:
Horizon Technology Finance Corp. - HRZN - NASDAQ
Global Net Lease Inc - GNL - NYSE
Cross Timbers Royalty Trust - CRT - NYSE
Gladstone Investment Corporation - GAIN - NASDAQ
Solar Senior Capital Ltd - SUNS - NASDAQ
Whitestone REIT - WSR - NYSE
Stellus Capital Investment Corp - SCM - NYSE
Capitala Finance Corp - CPTA - NASDAQ

Even one at time would be great not even mention all at once xD

Happy New Year to all investors and great team. Hoping we will see many more great additions and features in incoming year 2020. Wish only good investments to all of you.

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Running it through the “ukDividendFrequency” and “usDividendFrequency” function on the finki API I found the following monthly payers.

GG00B4ZPCJ00,BMO Commercial Property Trust,BCPT
IE00B2NPKV68,iShares J.P. Morgan $ EM Bond UCITS ETF USD (Dist),IEMB
IE00B42WWV65,Vanguard U.K. Gilt UCITS ETF,VGOV
IE00B7N3YW49,PIMCO Short-Term High Yield Corporate Bond Index Source UCITS ETF Inc,STHY
IE00BYXVWC37,PIMCO Short-Term High Yield Corporate Bond Index Source UCITS ETF GBP (Hedged) Inc,STHS
US00123Q1040,AGNC Investment Corp,AGNC
US74348T1025,Prospect Capital Corp,PSEC
US7561091049,Realty Income Corp,O

There may be more… I didn’t test them all.

But there you go. Hope that helps.

Find the functions and how to use them here:

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