Whats ur go to monthly divident stocks

So what s ur go to monthly divident stocks?
I mean I know REITS, but is there something else available on trading 212?
Mention ur favorite Reits also.
And I know Gladstone has monthly divident for their stock GAIN. does anybody else knows about GOOD? Is that a monthly divident stock?

Most of mine are in DX. Their SP is pretty low at the moment. AFIAK dividends are not cut during this pandemic so far.

June dividend payments listed here


Frequency is shown - so you can search for “Monthly”


this is fantastic. i wish i could use your api. even in my excel ( not only google sheets ) perform really badly for me. i have a 100mbps bradband so not sure is internet speed related. anyway. please keep the updated list cooming.

I find it works much better in Excel @vittorio79
(Excel on the Desktop. Won’t work with Excel Online or Office 365)

I made a crude and super easy demo Excel sheet here >>>


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yeah but it load few of them the rest goes too error. but when i take the link to the browser it works. so i gave up on google and excel too mate.

Fair play.
Sorry it didn’t work out for you.
Not sure of the issue seems to work fine for everyone else in G Sheets and Excel.
I just tested that Excel demo on my 12mb home connection. Worked fine.
Load balancing in G Sheets definitely an issue.
If it doesn’t load in Excel then a simple VBA routine to load each individually would work fine.
Maybe I’ll hack out one of those. So anyone can ress a button and it’ll get each sequentially rather than all at once.

BTW, yes, GOOD (ISIN : US3765361080) is monthly paying.

Goes Ex Div soon, pays at the end of May.

Not much dividend growth over the years but now yielding 9 - 10% due to stock price falls recently

I can send you more if you ask

PSEC for me, investing in it since October last year, on 8th of May they confirmed paying 6p per share up till September for now

Did SCM actually pay dividend for April? It seems that they did not, I can not find any data about it.


They are paying dividends monthly!!

Yes but did you get dividends from SCM for april? There is no data that they actually have pid it. How much was withholding tax on the dividend for SCM?

not sure of the payment for april, but something worth noting, it’s no longer monthly:

Does your API only work with ISIN? I keep record of the ticker symbol and exchange (e.g LSE:VOD or VOD.L) instead of the ISIN.

Yes. But conversion tool available




Sorry to be boring, but the only monthly payer I have is O…