More leverage on Crypto

I was wondering if we could get a bit higher leverage for crypto as 1:2 is really not enough for me.

I currently use FTX which provides up to x101 leverage on crypto and I was wondering why T212 can’t have a bit more, at least 1:10

I hope not. No need to overexpose themselves as a company to support gamblers

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Maybe a leverage slider could be introduced. Trading is not gambling, if you don’t know how to do it, that doesn’t mean that others don’t too.

If you’re investing in crypto you should set up a wallet not a CFD account

If you have been trading for a while and are experienced then you could try applying for a professional account for higher margin.

I could look in to that as well. The thing is I don’t want to trade 1:500 on some things as that’s just too risky

@Max 1:2 is the maximum on crypto for retail accounts, the difference between us & FTX being regulation.

If you want to trade with higher leverage, you’ll need to apply for a professional account.

Oh I guess it comes down to regulation after all. As I said what scares me in the pro account is the high leverage on forex which is not adjustable.

This market is quite heavily regulated from what I noticed.