Moving current investments into a PIE


i just got the autoinvest feature and do not see an option to take three of my existing investments and add that to a new PIE. Instead it seems that there is a duplicate. Is there away to take three of my existing stocks and assign them into a new PIE?

No not at the moment you can’t currently merge investments you already had into the pie

Not yet it will be in a future update.

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I guess i can just go ahead and have these duplicate investments and wait for the merge facility when the time comes.


Does anyone know if this update has happened yet? I would like to move my investments into pies so I can categorise by them e.g. covid recovery stocks, energy market etc.

checking the forums via the search feature would show you plenty of topics on this.

we have been able to import and export shares to pie’s since about 2-3 platform versions ago.

check that your mobile app is up to date or that you are using the new web layout and you can find the import feature under the pie’s holding tab in “more options”.