Pies - Import / Export investments

The ability to import shares into pies was probably the most requested feature since the start of the AutoInvest Beta. I’m pleased to say that we’ve just released it. Android users already have it, just make sure to update your app. iOS users will need to wait a bit more since our latest update is still being reviewed by Apple.

The process of importing or exporting shares is very simple and intuitive. Let’s see how it works.

How to import shares

Open up the pie you’d like to import shares into. Go to the Holdings section and scroll down to the bottom and tap on the ‘More actions’ button:

Then, tap on ‘Import investments’:

You will see a list of all investments available for import. You can import any stock or ETF supporting fractional shares (soon all of them will do). You can’t import an investment if there is a currently pending sell order associated with it.

Next, select how much of each investment you’d like to import - we give you the option to do partial imports. You can even specify the exact number of shares.

Importing new Stocks or ETFs into the pie will automatically create new slices.
The last step of the import process is to “make space” for those new slices by reducing the targets of other slices.

Confirm the import and you’re done!

How to export shares

Exporting shares from your pies is again a very simple process.

You start by selecting which investments you’d like to export.

Next step is to select how much of each investment you’d like to export:

If you’re exporting all shares from a given slice that slice will be removed from the pie and you’ll need to adjust the pie’s target allocation back to a total of 100%.

Confirm when ready and that’s it!

Further clarification

  • The Import / Export feature does not initiate any trades. It simply moves shares the same way you move files in and out of folders on your PC.
  • You can move shares as often as you’d like without any limitations.
  • Import / Export works 24/7. No need for markets to be open in order to use the functionality.
  • You can move shares from pie A to pie B by using the export function on pie A and then the import function on pie B.

As always, we’re awaiting your feedback!


P.S. The Android update is currently distributed to 21% of the users. In a matter or hours it will reach everyone.


Great job!

Now just to have 100% fractional platform and we are autopilot mode on! :partying_face:


Thanks great work, a suggestion, if it could auto select the existing instruments in the pie you want to import into would be nice :blush:

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This bit I find to be extremely cool. It provides a way to trim fractions off fractional shares to leave whole number ownership. So 4.003367 can now be pruned to 4. Once the position is in whole number of shares limit sell orders can be used.

Except that I have now discovered that it is impossible to export a very small fraction. Suppose I have 5.00032. It is impossible to export the 5 without the 0.00032 coming with it.

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Hi, just came across a slight bug when exporting the last stock in a pie, it leaves the pie stalled with just 0% of the last stock showing and no way to delete the pie.

Workaround is to re-import the last stock and then sell /delete.

is there a way to avoid the pie to get over 100% when I just add new stocks?
its causing me to rebalance and calculating while I just want to add some stocks to one pie.
I really think its a bad UX and I dont understand the benefit of it.
I’m adding 10 stocks, so thats the 100% and divide the % between the real holdings.

That shouldn’t be related to the export. You can delete a pie no matter how many slices it contains as long as its value equals 0. I suspect you had some free cash in the pie and that’s why you couldn’t delete it.

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Great job

  1. We were told that the ability to go straight from the pie holdings list to the details page of a single investment by a finger press on the investment name had been programmed in initially, but then removed in the first beta release. Will that bit of programming be reinstated?

  2. It would be useful to have some way to find out in which pies investments reside. The investments list is telling me I have 1 manually and 1.072398 in pies. The 1.072398 is spread over two pies. Suppose I forget which pies. Is exhaustive search the only way to find them?

  3. Now one can check the quantity of a holding in a pie by starting an export and seeing it displayed. However, it would be nice to have a more direct method of checking the number of shares in a slice.

  1. Yes, we will add the functionality as soon as possible
  2. This bit is in our plans as well.
  3. I guess fixing 1. and 2. automatically solves 3 :slight_smile:

Hi George,

Thanks for feedback and effort.

One thing that always pokes me in the eye. Lack of average price of stock inside Pie.

As in pie itself you cannot see it, investment screen shows total average using also non pie or 2nd pie stocks. Thus not providing accurate info for singular pie.

Reason for asking, on multiple positions I have different profit shown in Pie and in investment screen. Especially if I owned shared outside of Pie then sold after buying via Pie.

Will this happen in some future update?

Awesome job team T212! Another great step forward, looking forward to the Web UI upgrade and pies within pies.

We’re a demanding, never satisfied bunch of customers but it’s only because we’re so heavily engaged with the platform and the company!


Yes, once we allow access to the instrument details page directly from the pie, you’ll be able to see the average price of the pie investment.


Correct again! Thanks @George

@George Lovely update! i had mentioned some time back about a way to see a break down by sector, to see the different sector we are invested in for each pie.

also, can we now add pie into a pie?

Is it released to everyone yet? @George

I don’t have it still.

It’s not yet released for iPhone users. Says here.

It’s out for 100% of Android users.

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Really great news, thanks team! Now we need all ETFs to be fractional and everything will be perfect :slight_smile:

Amazing! Just need Apple to hurry up now :slight_smile:

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