Multi-buy from a list (to be able to replicate ETFs)

I can’t really get my head around why in a thriving era of zero trading we should still be paying 0.02%, 0.04% (and significantly higher with more exotic ETFs), etc. for solid classic ETFs. It’s not that much, but it all adds up. With large index funds it becomes quickly obvious that managing 500 stocks for example, monitoring all of them so you buy at the right time and even forming the list of them would be tedious, but does that have to be the case?

What would really be ideal would be to pull stocks from the T213 universe into a list based on a said ETF, then buy from that list according to the weight of ETFs, perhaps with a price alert/price trigger, e.g if the list’s total price decreases by X% buy Y number of shares for all the shares of the list (following the weighting of a specific ETF, or not), or if a user-defined subgroup within that list decreases by Z%, buy Y number from that subgroup (again, following weighting or not).

AutoInvest - Join the BETA will pretty much do that!


As I understand it, one will be able to have a pie that maintains a 2:1 ratio by value of AMZN and FB, say, but not one that buys and sells so as to maintain a constant 2:11 ratio by number of shares. Excepting for adjustments needed when companies increase or decrease the number of issued shares, it is the second of these that better reflects what happens in an ETF such as VUSA. Perhaps this second way to specify pie content will come in due course.

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