What Way I’d Love to Pick Pies

It’s seems the whole way investing works is you pick the stocks, or buy an index. I’ve thought about this for a while, my ideal way of doing it would to take an index and go through it and delete any company I don’t like. So instead of trying to pick good companies, you actually own the whole market except for the companies you don’t like. Just wanted to put that out there, I’d love to do that. Even as an investor with some ESG, I’d love to just delete oil companies etc for that reason, even if I do lose some gain.

Create your own “ETF” pie. Copy the holdings from an ETF you like and only keep the stocks you like.

I’ve got a bee in my bonnet about ‘socially responsible’ investing because it’s so subjective, but I’m curious: why would you not hold oil companies on ethical grounds yet invest in Raytheon?

I actually don’t hold Raytheon anymore, but it’s more the environmental aspect than social. I like looking ultra long term too, And I see oil’s profits going down greatly in the long term. I don’t really want to invest in a company in a declining market (IMO), even if it looks cheap today

Yeah I’d love to do that but the number of holding in these indexes is huge. Meaning it would take a very long time, I wouldn’t have access to all the stocks since T212 don’t hold many stock exchanges, and I’d have a lot of pies. But possibly taking the top 100-200 could probably take a lot of the weighting. Maybe someday I’ll replace VHYL with a self made pie derived from it’s holdings.

I made a script that aplows you to select and blend different ETFs together, so if you have no idea about say biotech you can just select several of them and turn them it into a single pie(s). There is an option to set relative weights for each ETF.

Some ETFs are not EU compliant and not available otherwise, so this allows me to replicate them. It also checks whether stock is available on t212 and if it is ISA eligible. There is an option to remove given securities. It works out the adjusted ratios at the end and if the ETF is bigger than 50 it allows for it to be split across multiple pies whilst preserving the overall weighing (roughly).

I haven’t implemented that but considered adding option to remove securities based on what sector it is, that could in theory remove oil companies though if they are classified as energy would be a bit more work.

I can publish it if anyone is interested.

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