Multiple app sessions

Any update on this request please? being logged out of ISA or Invest or even the social platform when multitasking is so annoying. Dont see why its such a big issue to implement?

Thank you

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Its been over 2 years since the OP started this thread and well over a year since any staff member commented, even though I asked 6 months ago for an update.

Enabling multi sessions surely cant be that hard for you to implement?

Would you please update us 212 Team ? :pray:


Sorry about that, @Scott :pray: There’s been a slight change of plans and we’ve decided not to pursue this for the time being.

I’ll let you know if anything changes.

Hi B.E,

Was the decision driven by conflicting priorities or by security reasons, if you don’t mind sharing?

Thank you!

@B.E This is dissappointing, was there a main reason why not? it seems like an easy win and would help users operate/manage different accounts at the same time, as well as the social platform without being logged out. Not that the social platform is much use to myself but having the ISA and Invest in seperate windows using mobile at the same time as desktop being still open would of been of much value.

@B., so one year on and I just tried the same thing on the desktop with Windows 11, Edge and Chrome and it is still not possible. Obviously Android and desktops is also still a problem.

I can have two windows either side both logged into the same account like Invest, but I can’t switch one window to be ISA or CFD without the other logging out.

  • MS Edge Version 117.0.2045.31 (Official build) (64-bit)

  • Chrome Version 117.0.5938.89 (Official Build) (64-bit)

  • All accounts open at once

In terms of non-urgent issues, there appear to be several quality of life enhancements that the desktop and app could benefit from. However, it’s unclear whether these will be tackled, given what I perceive as an ongoing “feature creep” situation among developers. It would be great to see a features roadmap or a similar setup like a Github projects board or even a straightforward Trello board instead of the usual “I’ll add it to the never-ending list” response.

While we don’t expect these changes to happen overnight, it can be quite frustrating to come across issues that were reported two years ago and still remain unaddressed. It’s important for the community to see progress on long-standing concerns, and having some visibility into the development plans would be greatly appreciated.



Completely agree, disappointed to see my notification on this thread to be just another user echoing the request.

Small updates like this and filter/sortation options on stocks or additional settings in App all these little improvements make a big difference to day to day usage. It doesn’t always have to be your whole team making huge advancements but someone on the little quality of life improvements please :pray:


Thanks for the feedback, @knightknight :pray:

I understand how this may be useful, yet multiple sessions are not present as a feature currently due to account security measures. I’ll let you know should there be any updates on this topic in the future.

Rest assured that we’re keeping track of all suggestions, albeit not public. We’ve also been working really hard to bring as many ideas as possible for our clients to life during this year, and all of your input is greatly valuable.

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I can understand that there are security issues involved but wouldn’t those issues be less if the sessions are simply tabs in the same browser on the same computer. Being able to have multiple open tabs would mean that each tab can be put on a separate monitor. Just enabling a session to be accessed from multiple tabs in the same browser would be a significant feature.

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On desktop/Web is there any way this will ever be implemented? Its challenging to trade properly in volatile conditions. Really irritating to be honest.

There isn’t much to share since our last update, @SCFC. We’ll update the thread if there’s any news about implementing such an option.

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Thanks for the quick reply Bogi. I think for people with multiple monitors (like myself), would really appreciate this feature. Have a good day bro :slightly_smiling_face:

I get your point. Have a nice day too, and a great weekend ahead :raised_hands:

You can now access your accounts from multiple devices simultaneously without being logged out.

Additionally, you can open the web app in multiple tabs.


Fantastic! Thanks very much.

This is one of MANY simple ease of use features that needed to be resolved.

Thanks for finally sorting this one out, many more to go though, but thank you :slight_smile:

works like a charm!!

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