Using app along desktop

Morning every,

is it possible to use the app while using the website on desktop?
I’d like to follow trades on one while CFDs on the other however it seems impossible as I log in one I get disconnected on the other

Thank you

Hi, you’re right. It is not possible to log into the same account on more than 1 device. However, you can load different accounts. For instance Invest on desktop, and CFD on mobile. Or CFD Practice on desktop & CFD Real money on mobile

Ah! Gotcha, I wasn’t switching the account, dumb! thank you!

@George I would like to do as you say, but as soon as I login on one device I am automatically logged out on the other. So I have not found it possible to be logged into Invest on my laptop and CFD on my phone simultaneously. What am I doing wrong?

Just keep trying lol. It worked eventually.

I’ve already tried 30+ times and can never achieve this. As soon as I login on a second device a banner pops up on the first device: “You login session has expired”.


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Are you making sure you reselect invest on your laptop? Becuase when I try to login on CFD’s on my phone, it will log me out of invest on desktop. Then when I click login on desktop it will log me out of my phone and switch to logging into the CFD account on desktop (although I never selected this). So then switch back to invest and then it should work???

@Richard.W Here is the trick. After you get logged out of one device, switch the account on the other device (that is still logged in).

@George I’ve tried that. It does not work for me. Here’s what I am doing

  1. Login on device A to Invest
  2. Login on B, causes A to close and puts B on Invest
  3. Change account on B to CFD
  4. Login on A, causes B to close and A is now on CFD
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@Richard.W What devices are A and B? I want to simulate your experience.

A and B are a Pixel 2XL and a Surface Laptop 2. Doesn’t matter which takes the role of A or B. Both are on the same home wifi network. Using Chrome on the laptop. Also tried it with incognito tab in Chrome and same behaviour.

Haven’t tried it yet, but can you open Invest and CFD in separate tabs in your browser on desktop/laptop? I noticed when on iOS I switch to Invest (while browser has CFD open in tab) and then refresh browser on desktop, it loads Invest in stead of CFD which it had.

Desktop browser > CFD
Open iOS app > CFD loads
iOS app > switch to Invest
Desktop browser > click login (while CFD in background), reloads Invest.

I tried HP laptop, FF/Chrome.
S10+ application, chrome.

Always same behaviour, other device logs out.

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We’ve done some quick testing. The bottom line is that the trick I’ve mentioned works only if one or both devices are iOS devices.

A small fix is needed in order to make this trick work with every platform. However, we can’t do it right now because it will require extensive testing. We have planned optimisations to our session/login infrastructure and will try to squeeze this change then.

Thanks for the investigation. I would appreciate being able to have both platforms open when I am trying to hedge an Invest position with a CFD position.

I tried it with my friends iPhone and indeed I could have two devices at once!

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I cannot use both the mobile app and the web site on my browser at the same time :frowning:
why is this a limitation?

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Happens for me too this way

Yep, I’d like an update on this haha. I swap between web and mobile really often, would like to be able to use both at the same time.