Multiple Requests / Worried about available stocks


Recently I decided to pull the trigger and start investing my money. I’ve slowly been dividing my portfolio into a range of stable, long term low risk positions, a list of higher risk growth positions for short/mid term and also a range of crypto currencies.

Below is a list of stocks I am eager to watch. How likely is it that I am able to trade these on 212 anytime soon? I’m worried that if I have to request a stock each time I find it - that I will always miss opportunities. So I’m open to the idea of leaving my long terms on T212 and moving shorter (younger) trades to something like Interactive Brokers.

Does anyone have any advice / input?

SHRM - Champignon Brands

CYBN - Cybin Inc.

NUMI - Numinus Wellness

CODE - Codebase

PSYC - Psyched Wellness

RVV - Revive Therapeutics

MMED - Mind Medicine

FTRP - Field Trip Health

Quick answer; it depends.

If there is something which you want to trade and it is not currently listed, do as you mentioned and post a request for that stock. The sooner you mention them, the sooner they can be added. There really isn’t anything else that can be done.

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