My actual return

Hi @admins - hoping you can help clear up what should be a simple query.

I’ve noticed under menu/history it shows all transactions and filled and also highlights the ‘Total return’ in green overlay, in this case £546.04 see screenshot here:

Then in my current investments, I have marked (fluctuating obviously) a return of £513.64 here:

I just don’t quite understand what the £546.04 in history means?
Can I presume that I already made a return of £546.04 in history, that’s in addition to to the status?

The total return is realised.
Whilst the other return is unrealised.


Ok great, thank you for that simple clarity.
So in effect my total (total) return as of now is around £1k ?

The total in history is coming from sold shares

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the return also doesn’t track any dividends you have received so that is yet another total you need to check separately and can be seen when you look at the tab for dividends.


I think it would be really nice if we could choose like total flat return (incl realized gains like dividends or whatever) or a time weighted return, there is no perfect 1 way of calculating return but it would be really nice to have more options