My AutoInvest Pies to copy and comment


I would like to share with you my AutoInvest Pies. Just some background about me: I have started during the pandemic after passing an on-line Yale’s class about financial markets.

This is my profile:

  1. Long-seller
  2. Differentiation to reduce risk
  3. Love to get some dividends
  4. Never investing more than can afford

Here my Pies

25% Pie (ETF + Stocks)

19% Pie (Stocks only)

Dividends Pie (dividend aristocrats)

EV + Automotive Pie

Dollar stocks Pie

What do you think about them?
Do you have similar pies :pie:?


What is your average price for Nikola? :smile:

Hi, I have active the 25% and 19% Pie :pie: right now. First outoinvest for the dividend one will happen tomorrow. Not sure when I want to start using the EV one but I wanted to share it as it took some time to make it. I have 10 XPeng for 22.25$. Not a good price for the moment but I am sure it will go up. What is your avarage price for Nikola? Do you have it as stand alone investment or as part of a Pie?