NASDAC: HCAC Request. The next VTIQ?

Is it possible to get Hennessy Capital Acquisition Corp IV Class A (NASDAQ: HCAC) added as common shares.

Looking like it might be a repeat of VITQ/NKLA. It would be great to get in early. @Team212 @David


I take it you’ve already got SHLL, SPAC and DPHC on your radar as they are probably ahead of HCAC in the merger pipeline? All vying to be the next VTIQ :slight_smile:

Yes to all of the above, but moreso DPHC and SPAC seem to be getting attention at least on the forums I browse.

Granted, there are too many NKLA’s in the world with one NKLA. I’m looking to play the hype rather more than anything else.

That’s why I’m backing SHLL. :wink: Those other two will have massive dumping factor I’d wager. As you say, playing the hype. Holding SPAC and SHLL with an eye on dropping SPAC a few weeks post-merge.

I like Fisker’s cars but I like Hyliion’s business model more.

What’s the latest on SHLL? Have they filed with the SEC?

All quiet on their front. Merger scheduled for late Q3 and already available as common stock.

Which filing are you referring to?

I’m referring to the merger re: company merger/acquisition. Didn’t realise it was available on t212 as common stock, that’s good to know, thanks!

Ah okay - yeah that’s well past the 52 days. :slight_smile:

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Yes, HCAC please ! :slight_smile:

This has been confirmed as added today. Closing thread. :+1: