Nasdaq etf that pays dividend ? (in USD or EUR)

i search but couldnt find it. is there any nasdaq etf which pays dividend (in usd or eur) ?
i know there there is eqqq etf but its gbp.

looking for help.


EXXT would fit your requirements. Perhaps request it.

Yield is only 0.28%, so barely different to an accumulating ETF.

So maybe someone can help?

USD listing on LSE for EQQQ is EQQU
iShares Nasdaq 100 on XETRA in EUR is EXXT
Lyxor Nasdaq on Xetra in EUR is NADQ

as none of the are available yet you have to request them.

suggested but nothing heard after that…
this is one of the biggest etf guys…

EQQQ pays dividend and is the normal european version of the QQQ