Need help Trading 212


There was a short sell Gold trade in my CFD account that I did not intend and need help with looking into. I was looking at my watch list on the left of the screen, as I was hovering over the gold pane, I clicked the chart symbol to open the chart but instead I was locked into a short sell trade. When I realised what happened, I cancelled the trade but made a loss of £5.8. See image below. This was not my intention. Can someone from Trading 212 look into this and refund my account? Thanks

Hi @David can you please help with my query?

@SESI I’m sorry but this isn’t something that we can issue a compensation on, it’s not a technical error.
If you wish to disable the one-click trading option, you can do it through “Trading preferences” in “Settings”.

Okay thanks, noted. I didnt realise it was set up like that.