Inaccurate CFD demo account

I had Imperial Brands running on a demo account with a set Stop Loss. The SL was triggered at 14.52 … but the 212 chart and Tradingview does not show this happening. See images.

This is not the first time I have seen this.

This gives me great concern over the use of Trading 212’s platform for CFD’s or is this just a demo account issue?



Aren’t you looking at the buy chart there?

If you swap to showing the bid instead does it appear?

Also you have your email being displayed so you might want to edit and crop.

Hi Phil,

Thank you for your reply.

I just closed my laptop and sat down with a whiskey … then you popped up on the phone saying my email was visible. My feet did not touch the ground! :rofl:

Your point is valid. I have attached a revised snippit … minus email!

But, I do not see the spike in Tradingview or even in todays data? I have also looked at IG’s platform and I do not see it!

Thank you for your time :+1:



… further. In a live account

So the OP where you said you got 14.5214 at 8:16am this was the candle.

You won’t see T212s CFD in TradingView though.

First is the CFD is with T212 spread (TradingView wouldn’t know this), the second TradingView is not plotting the BID.

If you open the Invest/ISA and then compare it’ll be closer. The heikin ashi makes it look the same, but remember is Invest/ISA the chart is plotting the ASK, not showing trades. Also the time delay on Tradingview feed.

Thank you your input, Phil.

Looking at the ISA - IMB I do not see it! It drops to 1468.9.

Is there a setting I have missed to just show the Ask price within an ISA? Or is this just indicative of a CFD?

Learn something new everyday! :grinning:

Here I am looking at a CFD of IMB on with an ASK price!

So the CFD and Invest/ISA are not comparable.

The CFD spreads are wider, external websites and other brokers won’t know by how much.

The Invest/ISA is the raw spread.

The CFD by default tracks the BID (but you can swap to showing the ASK)

The Invest/ISA only plots the ASK.

Third party charts like Tradingview/Yahoo/Google etc will show the trades on the chart (not the BID or ASK)

Brilliant, Phil,

Thank you for the info :+1: