Negativity about Trading212

Hi - I am a Youtuber in my side hustle and I made a video about why I think Trading212 is a legit company despite all the negativity some Youtuber a have published about them over the past year.

I am now receiving hate comments and being challenged to make responses to these garbage click bait videos!

My whole position with this is, as long as Trading212 serves its current customers there is no reason for concern or panicking.

I want to ask other users here - what has your experience with Trading212 been like over the past year?

I have had to be honest a very positive experience - dividends paid, no / little down time, good customer service and good features which I really like!


What is there to hate about ones opinion. YouTube is a means for people to share their views and entertainment. I guess it comes with the territory not everyone will agree. You could also take the attention as stirring up discussion about your blog, resulting in more pay per clicks?

To be fair 212 does have its faults but equally you get what you pay for, and weighing it up to the competition that is not bad.

All the best, keep blogging - some will find it useful and merry Christmas!

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Don’t worry about it. YouTube is full of creators trying to exploit customers fears for clicks and referrals. It’s both disgusting and disappointing.

Worst part is like all aspects of out society, people just soak it up and accept it as fact with even doing the tiniest amount of fact checking.


everyone can find an issue with anything if they think long enough about it. most of the negativity you are receiving is because the algorithm has paired your content with that the likes of “Sasha’s” viewers as an extreme example, which is extremely clickbait-y, divisive and anti-Trading212 (while pretending to be otherwise).

Trading212 IS a LEGIT company and platform, there is no debate there, so if anyone tells you otherwise block them and if you can delete their comment. you don’t need that ruining your YouTube experience or poisoning your greater audience. as for quality of service, there will always be a few shortcomings no matter who you choose to invest through and this will depend on where your values lay. I personally like the overall package that T212 offers and have little reason to find fault with them, there are a few minor ‘niggles’ that could be improved in my experience, but I know too much about how much work goes into software improvements and process changes to grief them over it like some jilted ex. I could fantasize about how great it would be to get X, Y or Z feature, but even should they offer it, there is no guarantee I would make use of it, it would just be comparing other brokers for the sake of comparison and little more.

this may seem a little out of place but as a youtuber, consider watching this: YouTube Employee Reveals New Secrets for Growing Your Channel... - YouTube

as your previous viewers can influence your future viewers, just keep doing what you do and what works. ignore the haters, block them and you will find that the crowd your content is being shown to will change accordingly as more data is collected on your niche and content offering. never stop being positive and factual in your approach, your audience will notice especially as most viewers will see your videos months if not years later, they will think “oh so this person has always been honest, forthcoming and consistent in what they post”.

for the record, the biggest issues came in the form of stock offerings, server response and transparency. Trading212 has made many improvements over the last 2 years tackling each of these issues and they continue to do so when more recent issues crop up. yes, admittedly there is still more that can be done, but like anything in life its a work in progress.

note: if my writing seems uncharacteristic of me or fails to make sense, I have currently had a ‘few’ drinks and may or may not be accurately filtering my opinions for public viewing. Merry Christmas :joy: (try not to spend it at a pub LOL)


Thanks a lot to be honest my original comment had been stated after I had had a few drinks on Xmas eve and was having to respond to comments made on my video!

Agree and thanks for all the support and positivity! Have a great Xmas you all!

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In the last few years a lot of people have been able to start trading/investing due in a large part to companies like 212. I include myself in this intake of newbies. Very rarely does a perfect product come to market so as long as 212 keeps improving and updating its business we will all benefit over time.
I think what has already been said about people click-baiting being combative/abusive is unfortunately part of the “youtube game” now hits the nail on the head. But don`t let that stop you doing what you enjoy, opinions are like a-holes we all have one :innocent:

Good luck with the channel and Merry Christmas!