Affiliate with Trading212

Is it possible becoming an affiliate with Tarading212, I do youtube videos and nearly max my referrals, I think I am like 3 away from maxing it out now? I like the platform and the way it’s moving forward

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i’d be interested in this too

We have the highest rewarding structure and flexible Affiliate programs around - check out our page.

Worth mentioning is that it is dedicated to our CFD business, and the whole reward flow differs compared to the Referral campaign.

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You can use my referral link if you like :slight_smile:

I’d really like to see Trading 212 come up with a competitive affiliate offering for the Investing side of things (outside of CFD). I’ve maxed out the 20 free shares. Given how many competitors there are in this space (and with Robinhood launching in the UK soon) it would really cement their position as the market leader and encourage all of us as loyal fans to push that bit harder to share our experience.

As I don’t use CFD, I am more of investor, so I don’t feel condident sharing that, is their anything with investing side after 20 reffrals ?

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The problem with unlimited referral programs is that they are a magnet for abuse. If we come up with a solution in the future we will let you know.


Yes, that would be a problem, plus I don’t want trading212 giving out pennies stock as most companies do… I want you guys to keep giving and being competitive… I will be looking forward to seeing with solution Many thanks

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